Research Newletter
Social Banking
Investment Banking Division
JANSEVA plans to establish Janseva Education Research and Training Centre / Institute (JERT) for providing the social entrepreneurship training to the members and staff and others desirous to avail these facilities.
Division will work on following :-
JERT will provide the education on social awareness, clerity on Islamic concept of living making and financing and conflict resolution to all the members of the SHG and Education about Islamic Baking rules and regulation to the Staff of the Branches of society.
JERT will do research on Innovative ideas in the light of Islam. Research on Financing models and create innovative model to beat competitor in the field. Research on risk fector on investment and other projects.
JERT will provide the training facility to satff of the society and members of the SHG to empower them and make then able to start the small business self or partnership with Janseva and additional trainng on Islamic way to do business.
Other Facility
JERT will provide the update info about market and current trends in society (may change) to its staff and members of SHG.