Terms and Conditions

  1. “Multi-state cooperative Societies are functioning as autonomous cooperative organiszation Accountable to their members and not under the administrative control of the central Registrar Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare therefore the depositor/members are advised to Take decision for investing deposits based on the performance of the society at their own risk Central Registrar Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare does not provide any guarantee for These Deposits.”
  2. Share will be refund after completion of three years and transfer after completion of two years.
  3. Disqualification for member of a multi-state cooperative society no person shall be eligible for being a member of a multi-state co-operative society if
    a) His business is in conflict or competitive with the business of such multi-state co-operative Society or
    b) He used for two consecutive years the services below the minimum level specified in the by-Laws; or
    c) he has not attended three consecutive general meeting of the multi-state co-operative society and such absence has not been condoned by the members in the general meeting. or d) he has made any default in payment of any amount to be paid to the multi-state co-operativesociety under bye-laws of such society.