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Registration No. :- MSCS / CR / 335 / 2010

Dear Member, 11th AGM of Janseva is schedule to be held on 30th Sept ,2020 kindly join the zoom meeting by clicking https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7291064031, | Janseva launched new product GFID ( growth fund investment deposit) expected double the amount in 6 years based on business development۔


Education Research and Training

JANSEVA will establish Janseva Education Research and Training Canter (JERT) / Institute for providing the training to the members of SHG program and all staff other divisions. JERT provide the best practical training for the empowerment of women, small entrepreneurs and other weaker sections of the society. Division will work on following :-

Education JERT will provide the education on social awareness, clerity on Islamic concept of living making and financing and conflict resolution to all the members of the SHG and Education about Islamic Baking rules and regulation to the Staff of the Branches of society. Research JERT will do research on Innovative ideas in the light of Islam. Research on Financing models and create innovative model to beat competitor in the field. Research on risk fector on investment and other projects. Training JERT will provide the training facility to satff of the society and members of the SHG to empower them and make then able to start the small business self or partnership with Janseva and additional trainng on Islamic way to do business. Other Facility JERT will provide the update info about market and current trends in society (may change) to its staff and members of SHG.

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