Research Newletter
Social Banking
Investment Banking Division
Financial inclusion of excluded sections of our society by using interest free financial mechanism for the achievement of the National Mission of inclusive growth.
To establish branches of Janseva Cooperative Credit Society Ltd. at all possible places in the operational area of the society and conduct itself as a self sustaining social business / social enterprise institution to provide financial and other services to the members of the society particularly those belonging to minorities and backward classes for empowering them economically, socially and educationally without any bias.
  • Encourage members to save and deposit some amount at Janseva for safety and liquid.
  • Provide access to interest free / low debt cost credit to the members to meet their financial needs.
  • Assist members to deploy their funds in various ways to earn lawful / Halal income.
  • Supply goods and machineries for household / business / industrial needs of the members.
  • Provide access to other financial services like money remittances, business venture capital, project proposals and medical insurance etc on free / low cost basis.
  • Assist the members to solve their housing and other needs through special schemes / special purpose vehicles (SPV) to be designed from time to time.
  • To do anything and everything for the benefit of the members which are lawful and within the scope of the bye laws of the society and MSCS ACT 2002.