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Social Banking
Investment Banking Division
Members of Janseva in their first meeting held after registration decided unanimously.

To conduct its business on interest free basis and also refrain from unislamic economic practices like speculation and gambling etc. Further within the limitations of   the law of the land, as for as possible, it was decided to take lessons from and adhere to  the Teachings of the Holy Quran and Traditions of the prophet in framing policies and programs.

JANSEVA is a cooperative institution which has been promoted to help its members in fulfilment of their diverse needs. In other words it has been formed to undertake social business. Hence its programs will be social oriented rather than profit driven. Janseva team will integrate its capabilities with members / client’s to drive business process effectiveness with the objective to increase efficiencies and improve business outcomes. The society shall treat relationship with clients as strategic, long term, and enduring. Expanding list of service offerings by Janseva allows it to assist its members / clients with a broad range of financial solutions through Interest Free mode of operation. For wider benefits, Janseva will also empower members with knowledge about government programs and schemes that results into poverty reduction and improved livelihood level.

It is assumed  that honest and periodic client feedback will ever enrich and strengthen  relationship between the society and its members .Feedback sessions are designed to confine on one to one or revolve around client forums. Feedback on the program based on practical experience shall be rooted through Branch Executives- the best way of conducting banking services.